Posted by Joel Etra on Aug 16, 2017
Wait, did he say crazy laws or crazy lawyers?
Presiding:  Pres. Kathleen
Invocation:  Gary
Barry with some whacky laws
Rotary Anniversaries
Rotarians with Guests
Barry brought Zachariah from our RCC
Visiting Rotarians:
Barry Levinson from Sarasota Bay, FL
  • Kathy Green of the Lighthouse will be next week’s speaker
  • See Barry for discounted tickets to Mohegan Sun games.
  • Next Cultural Diversity committee meeting will be August 21, 2:00, at The Savings Institute, Barry’s very own bank. Diversity Day will be September 19. On the 18th, we will dedicate our new Peace Poles. We are replacing our Rotary flag with a new one which should be flying by then.
  • Mary and Kevin are looking for ideas for speakers at meetings. They are especially interested in entertaining, fun presentations, Pulitzer Prize winning authors, major league baseball players, and Broadway actors but no ballet dancers.
  • Golf tournament is Wednesday, September 6. Barry is lining up volunteers for the event.
  • Sept 23 Drop in Arts project at Otis as part of Diversity Week.
  • Our next Board meeting will be Wednesday, September 13 at 11:00.
  • Superintendent’s Award luncheon will likely be on November 15th at the Holiday Inn.
  • Rodney is hard at work on the Coat Drive. He is contacting agencies. The deadline for ordering is September 18rh. Rodney could use some help with unpacking, delivering, etc.
  • Barry Levinson said his wife Pam is hard at work writing a book about the 100-year history of the New London Club which founded the Norwich Club. The new London club is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a gala on September 18th at the Radisson Hotel in new London. Tickets are $75 each and Barry is hoping that the Norwich club can get together and purchase a table. Pam's book should be available by then and will be selling for $20 a copy.
Happy Dollars:  with Jen who is proud to be a Member of the Rotary club which celebrates diversity and peace, and promotes the Four Way Test.
Bill champagne thought that last week’s RONE was very funny. He recommended reading it thoroughly.
Zachariah said that the RCC will be volunteering at a number of events during diversity week. They are also still working on their Harbor Fire presentation.
President Kathleen also had good things to say about the RONE and itS editor. Michel Scott is asking for prayers for the health of her grandmother.
Gary is happy to see Zachariah and Barry Levinson. He acknowledged that writing a book is probably more work than being chairman of a golf committee. He suggested that since we do not have a meeting on the day of the golf tournament, Rotarians will have an extra $17 to spend. Why not, he said, bring that $15 to the golf tournament and spend it on the silent auction. He also reminded us that the cost of a tee sign can be split among different people and that there is plenty of room for more than one name on each sign. At their last meeting, the golf committee noted that they are behind on foursomes this year. They also need volunteers and goodie bag items and could always use more auction items.
Larry welcomed Barry Levinson and fondly recalled the New London Rotary beer fest which will be this year on September 15th.
Jerry is taking his four grandchildren on a tour of Ireland. He recalled a story about the Irish Tinkers who as it turns out are really itinerant thieves.
Kyle is sway happier than anyone should be about the returning football season.
Mike Cooney took his mom and Matt to a Pawsox game on Sunday. Katie knows when Matt's birthday is better than Matt does.
Kevin is excited about getting a skybox for a Tigers game. He reminded us that the Tigers put the rotary wheel on their scoreboard at every game and announce when our meetings are. He is also eagerly anticipating the winter skiing season now that fall is almost here.
Manny welcomed Barry Levinson to the meeting and expressed his gratitude to Manny welcomed Barry Levinson to the meeting and expressed his gratitude to the new London club for sponsoring us as a club way back when. He was also glad to see Jerry Lowney.
Andrew is going on vacation next week and he also welcomed Evie back.
Theresa for Smilin’ Jon B. and his bill distribution.
Kyle kicked in the $20
Three losers came up but I was not paying attention so I don't know who they were.  For a modest contribution to the Foundation, your name can appear in next week’s RONE.
A club assembly was conducted during which we discussed club website sponsors.
 Pres. Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.