Posted by Bob Farwell on Jun 14, 2017
Presiding: Mike Cooney, at the annual Rose Garden meeting.
Invocation: Three Rivers Young Marines, who also conducted a flag retirement ceremony, accompanied by music representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Jay Ginsberg, Rodney Green and Gary Young were recognized for their service.
Fellowship: Nancy Gentes, who shared children’s reflections on their fathers.
Mike Goldblatt
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Alas, none were celebrated
Rotarians with guests:
  • Mike Matera introduced his father, Joe
  • Andy Grant with Max Satti
Visiting Rotarians:
A thorough search revealed Sheri Pascal of the RCC
Announcements:  by Mike Cooney,
  • Barry Shead underwent an emergency appendectomy. We sent him best wishes for a quick recovery.
  • Celebrate Diversity committee will meet on June 26 at 2:00 p.m. at the Institute for Savings.
  • Suggestions for speakers/presenters should be shared with President Kevin or Mary Richardson; no mimes or light opera please (an editorial comment by your reporter).
  • Golf Tournament on September 6.
  • There was more, but sadly your reporter’s attention was distracted by the detritus deposited on his notes by some gypsy moth caterpillars
No mail, the bridge was washed out.
Service person of the Month:
Happy Dollars: With Andy Grant. Andy Proffered encomiums for Max Satti and memorialized those injured during the recent shootings in Washington;
Gary thanked the Young Marines and recognized the RCC,
Andy Nollman spoke glowingly of the forthcoming Solution Center open house in North Franklin.
(Kyle, definitely nor Andrew; you work with what you got)
Sherry Pascal
There were no winners; there were no losers, because there was no lottery.
Kelly August and Laura Harrington described the renascence of the Rose Arts Festival. Activities include a road race, live bands and food. A shuttle bus system will transport revelers from the Main Street garage and transportation center. A good time will be had by all!
The Four Way Test: Conducted without visual aid by Ray Baribeau