Posted by Bob Farwell on Apr 25, 2018
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Keith Caplet
Fellowship: Bob F.
Bob read Robert F. Kennedy’s extemporaneous speech delivered at Indianapolis, Indiana on April 4, 1968. Announcing the death hours earlier of Martin Luther King, he offered brief impassioned remarks for peace that are considered to be one of the great public addresses of the modern era. 
Birthdays: None sighted. 
Rotarian Anniversaries:
 Manny, 25 years
Rotarians with guests:
  • Barry Shead introduced Ron Coderre and Jim Konrad.
  • Jim Daley introduced Shirley Zacceo.
Visiting Rotarians:
A thorough search of the area failed to identify any visiting Rotarians or suspected interlopers.
Announcementsby President Kathleen:
  • The Rose Garden event is scheduled for May 23;
  • Val/Sal (what?) June 13,
  • Little League Pancake Breakfast April 28. 
  • Rotary District Conference June 1-3.
  • Next Diversity Day meeting May 7.
  • Golf Tournament September 5.
  • Please do not use cell phones or flamethrowers near the doorways
Nary a  missive or billet doux.
 Nyet, unless you count Gary’s generous distribution of brownies.
Happy Dollars: With Rodney.
Bill and Bob both lauded Gary for being a fine person;
Barry welcomed Ron Coderre;
Bonnie congratulated Manny on his membership anniversary and recalled seeing RFK in New York. Bonnie thanked Andy G. for helping with the exchange student’s admission to NFA and hoped for more help with the carnival.
Andy Grant encouraged everyone to attend the ARC program and recounted a Ted Kennedy story.
Gary welcomed home Jay Ginsberg and thanked Jim Daly, Andy Nollman, Erin, Jim O’Shea Kevin Wickless Andy Grant Jay Ginsberg Barry Shead and Tom Cummings for their assistance with the golf tournament.
Kathleen remarked on the club’s strong attendance and admitted being nervous about her Harvard seminar interview. ARC is also a finalist for a cookie award.
Nancy Gentes provided details on services for Antonio Gooding’s son who is recently deceased.
Shirley Zacceo remarked on the high qualities of the brownies recent work with Three Rivers and the Order of the Purple Heart and Power of Purple. Her daughter is also appearing as the graduation speaker at American International College.
Kevin welcomed Jay Ginsberg on his return and reminded all of the Pancake Breakfast.
Induction: Andy Nollman flawlessly inducted new Rotarian Stacy Taylor, branch manager at Dime Bank.
Auction: Brownies were the prize and the bidding was competitive. Jim Konrad gamely challenged Andy Grant, who emerged victorious with a $20.00 bid. A smattering of applause followed.
Lottery: with Stacy Taylor. The tension was palpable as
  • Rodney,
  • Cathy Croteau and
  • Mike Gordon,
in that order, failed to select the winning card. Gloom enshrouded the room and muffled laments emanated from those assembled.
Program: Bill Ferris and Rich Lisk discussed the genesis of the New England Black Wolves professional lacrosse team and its success since playing at the Mohegan Sun. 
The Four Way Test: On key and correct in every detail.