Posted by Joel Etra on Jun 28, 2017
Change of Command, 2017
To see more pictures including Rotarians in the Bar,
Presiding:  Jim Daly
Invocation:  Joel
Fellowship: Not this week, Change of Command
Birthdays: None, remember, Change of Command?
Rotary Anniversaries:  No, I told you, Change of Command!
Rotarians with Guests:  Are you even listening? Truth is, there were lots of them and they were duly introduced but nobody wrote it down.
Visiting Rotarians:  Who would come visiting for Change of Command? You don't really get it, do you?
Announcements: We didn't make any. No one listens anyway especially because it was, oh never mind.
Happy Dollars:  with Jim Daly (That we did)
Kyle presented a check the BNI to Rotary. He didn't say why but we were all happy to accept it.
Larry congratulated Kevin and Kathleen and noted that there were four past presidents at his table; just like Mt Rushmore.
Andy Grant welcomed a bunch of his friends. He's happy to become a father-in-law this week.
Rodney welcomed Lucille. He congratulated Andy on acquiring a tenant and reported on bringing in the first shipment of coats.
Mike C. on the ins and outs of $1 pianos. Matt went to the movies and the whole fam went strawberry picking. Mike thanked the club for a great year.
Mary thanked Kevin and congratulated Kathleen
Kathleen has a steady stream of free pianos for anyone interested.
Bonnie for K and K and welcomed the RCC.
Jim O’ for K and K and reminded Kathleen to enjoy her presidency. He is also celebrating his 30th anniversary so he welcomed his wife to the meeting.
Kevin welcomed RCC peeps. He reminded Kathleen that he will be here when she needs help.
Gary for K and K and to welcome RCC and guests. He is having a barn sale this weekend with an accumulation of 42 years.
Lottie for K and K and because she is happy to be a member of our Club.
Andrew for K and K.
Jim introduced our past presidents and similarly recognized Paul Harris Fellows. The new officers and directors were introduced and administered  the sacred oath.
Kathleen made a presentation thanking Kevin who then spoke some words of appreciation.
Of course not
No way
Program: you won't believe this, but we did the Change of Command.
Jim  led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.