Thought you might like to know that while wrapping gifts Kathy Chartier, our ADG, tripped over her cat yesterday, fell and nearly severed the tip of her index finger (right hand). To compound the mess, she also fractured her humerus bone (between elbow and shoulder) on her left arm. So, she's incapacitated a bit - no driving, etc. Went to the ER for four hours and will try to get an appointment today at an ortho surgeon for her problems. Blood everywhere.... Not quite a murder scene however! 

When you see her, please tell her that you saw about her accident on the TV news - WOMAN FALLS FROM BULL AT LOCAL BAR. She's maintaining that she fell off the bull and did all this damage to herself while setting the record on the mechanical bull. Astonished that her name was going to the top of the list of people who rode the fastest, with the best style, stayed on the longest, etc, she collapsed! Sounds so much better than WOMAN TRIPPED OVER CAT. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.