This application is used for the following:

Blackmar Scholarship....  Award $1000. (NFA, St. Bernard)
Anderson Scholarship....Award    $500  (NFA)
Zachae Scholarship.....     Award $500   (NFA, Norwich Regional Technical
Applications should be submitted by May 1st
Award will be announced and granted in June by the respective high schools at their award ceremonies.
A scholarship may be awarded only to graduating seniors.  A scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and financial need.

This Application is also used for the Blackmar Grant/Loan Program.

Students must reside in Norwich Rotary area town. Rotarians' family members are eligible.
An award in the amount of $1,000 is given as follows:
50% Grant/50% Loan.
The Loan repayment would begin four (4) months after graduation.
Recipients may re-apply for additional Grant/Loans in subsequent years.
Applications should be submitted by May 1. Students will be notified by June 15.
The Student will receive the money directly in February after successfully completing the fall semester and submitting a copy of the bill for the second semester.

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