Community Grants

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1) The Foundation Board will consider the following information when reviewing Grant Applications:
     How will the Grant advance the purpose of the Norwich and District 7980 Rotary Foundation?
     How worthy is the cause of the organization's application?
     How compelling is the need of the organization?
     What is the credibility of the requesting organization, it's Board/Volunteer Staff?
     How many people will be served and in what geographic region?
     Other questions may arise?
2)  Grants are not to be used for endowments, operating expenses, deficit financing or reimbursement for items previously purchased.
3)  Requests for seed money for new initiatives are encouraged and preference will be given to requests not met by other Organizations or resources.
4)  All requests for funds should be postmarked by the May 15th. for that years consideration.  Applications are considered from July to May, as they are received .
5)  Grants are made for a specific purpose, and do not commit the Foundation to recurring support or expense.  Large Grants may however be paid over a specified time period.
6)  The size of the Grant will be commensurate with the nature of the project, the number of individuals served, and how it will advance the above stated purpose.
7)  If the application request is to support a specific activity, the Application must demonstrate to the Board's satisfaction, the probability of success in meeting the stated goals.
8)  Requests should be prioritized if more than one item, program or project is submitted.
9)  If for any reason a grantee is unable to use the Grant for the stated purpose, The Grantee must agree to return the Funds received to the Foundation, unless the Board has authorized the change in purpose.
10) The Grantee must agree to submit detailed information about disbursements of Grant monies.
                                      NORWICH ROTARY FOUNDATION
                                                  P.O. Box 19
                                            Bozrah, CT 06334
Organization Name and Address
Discribe how Grant will be used, the impact it will have in the Community, how many people will be served, the geographic region to be served. (Attach a maximum of one additional page)
Signature of Authorized Representative                                 Title                                  Date
Submit with the following attachments:
Organization Mission Statement                        
Letter of Determination from IRS certifying Tax-exempt 501 ( c)(3) status
List of  Board of Directors or equivalent governing body      
For requests over $500. Include itemization & budget
Mail with attachments by May 15th. To  Norwich Rotary Foundation,  P.O. Box 19, Bozrah, CT 06334